What Do You Do When Your Roof Is Leaking?

A Picture of Water Damage On the Ceiling

If You Have a Leaking Roof, It’s Important To Get Professional Help.

While our roofs are one of the most important parts of our homes, we can sometimes forget to take care of them. The best way to ensure they are in great shape is by getting roof maintenance. Unfortunately, day to day tasks and other events can make getting roof maintenance a low priority. With a lack of roof maintenance, a lot of things can happen to your roof, but the most common issue that homeowners will find is roof leaks. If you are ever in a situation where you have a leaking roof, it’s important to know how it can be fixed, what you can do in order to prevent further damage, and if you are able to have repairs covered by your insurance.

Who Can Fix My Leaking Roof?

A lot of people always want to know, “Is a roof leak an emergency?” and the answer is yes. While the roof leak itself might not seem very big, it can get bigger and bigger as time goes on. Avoiding getting repairs for your leaking roof can result in mold growth and other moisture problems, an increase in roof repairs, as well as reducing the lifespan of your roof. Not only can it cause these types of issues for your roof, but it can also affect different areas of your roof like your flashing, shingles, and even your plumbing. It’s important that when you have a leaky roof, you call to set up an appointment for repairs. But how do you fix a leaky roof? There are steps that your roofer will take to ensure that the leak is gone and your roof is repaired. There are several places on your roof where a leak can occur and each will be repaired differently.

  • Damaged Shingles: Whether your shingles are blistered or broken, your roofer can use sealant or cement to fix damages that aren’t too severe; if the damage is too severe, they will, of course, replace those shingles.
  • Flashing: If water is getting into your home through the flashing, then a roofer can add metal flashing to replace the old flashing.
  • Gutter: If the gutter is clogged, then it might be a simple fix of just removing the debris. However, if there are holes in the gutters, the gutters might have to be replaced.
  • Roof Valley: To get rid of leaks that are occurring in the roof valley, a leak barrier will need to be installed.

Wherever the damage is, your roofers will be sure to find it be inspecting your roofing system. From there they will come up with the best solution.

What Do You Do If Your Ceiling is Leaking?

A Young Woman is Collecting Water in a Bucket From a Water Damaged Roof

To Reduce Water Damage From a Leak, There Are a Couple of Things You Can Do.

A leak in roof of house can be fixed by your roofing contractor easily, but how do you fix a leaking roof from the inside? This can happen if the leak is severe enough and will usually form on the ceiling. The first thing to remember is that a roofer can help you, but it’s important to remedy the issue so that there won’t be a lot of water damage in your home. So how do you go about fixing a leak in your ceiling? There are a couple of steps that can help you.

  • Cover Belongings: In order to keep your belongings, furniture, and other items safe from water damage, you will need to move them out of the way of the leak. If for some reason the items are too big, use a plastic tarp to protect them from the leak.
  • Catch Water: You don’t want the water to spill all over the floor, so putting down buckets where the leaks are is able to catch the water. It’s also a good idea to put towels around the buckets so if water drips out, it doesn’t get on the floor.
  • Puncture Bubbles: Many times when there is too much water accumulating in the ceiling it will form a bubble. To get rid of the bubble and release the water, use something sharp to puncture the bubble and have a bucket ready to catch the water.
  • Clean Up Water: If there are areas in your home that have puddles of water due to leaks, clean them up. Standing water can cause structural damage, as well as mold.

Is Leaking Roof Covered On Homeowners Insurance?

A leaking roof and water damage can do quite a number on your home. From structural damage like wood rot to other issues, it’s important that you have these things fixed. A lot of people wonder “Can leaking roof cause mold?” and the answer is yes. When water is left to sit for more than 24 hours, mold can start to grow and spread. Not only is this bad for your home, but it is also bad for your health as it can affect your indoor air quality. While it’s important to get a leaking roof fixed, it can be expensive. The good thing is that homeowners insurance typically covers water damage from a leak. However, there is a caveat; if the leak is caused due to lack of maintenance or a pre-existing issue, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it. Your insurance will only cover water damage if it’s caused by a severe storm or something sudden. For example, if a tree falls on your roof and causes roof leaks, then your insurance is most likely going to cover it. If your gutters are clogged and rain collects on the roof causing a roof leak, they will not cover it. This is because the clogged gutters are preventable whereas the falling tree isn’t.

After you have your leaking roof repaired, it’s important that you get water damage restoration in order to restore items, furniture, carpets, and other belongings that have been damaged by water. If you have St. Louis, MO storm damage, call ProCraft Exteriors at (314) 786-3732 for repairs!