Installation of Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic Shake with Chimney

Synthetic Shakes Offers a Much More Affordable Option for Homeowners Than Natural Wood.

When you want a roof with the rustic allure of wood shake shingles without all the worries involved, synthetic materials might be the perfect solution for you. ProCraft Exteriors can install synthetic shake shingles in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO to create long-lasting, beautiful roofing systems. Synthetic shake shingles are much simpler to install, need very little upkeep and offer your house a similar aesthetic as wood shingles. Call our staff at (314) 786-3732 for additional information.

The Perks of Synthetic Shake Shingles

After a cedar roof has been finished, it needs a significant amount of extra maintenance. Algae and moss have to be cleaned from the roof every few months. Wooden shingles also have to be examined periodically for wood rot caused by water damage. Additionally, the installation process requires extensive knowledge of using wood shake and how it changes shape over time.

The installation process for synthetic shakes on the other hand, is similar to traditional shingles. Synthetic material is much lighter than natural wood, so your home isn’t forced to support extra weight. These rooftops don’t have to be serviced on a regular bases. In fact, the only required upkeep for synthetic shakes is a simple annual examination. The lightweight nature of synthetic material is much lighter than wood, so your home isn’t forced to support extra weight.

Severe weather doesn’t usually affect synthetic shake shingles. Even winds up to 200 mph and rain driving at 106 mph do not impact this roofing material. Unlike natural wood roofing, synthetic shakes shingles are immune to fire, mold growth, mildew and carpenter ants. For a strong roof that will save you money on roof upkeep and repairs, get synthetic shake shingles.

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Synthetic Shake Roofing

Synthetic Shake Offers the Beauty of Wood, Without the Maintenance Hassles.

With synthetic shake shingles, you receive a rustic, beautiful roof that offers great protection for your house. ProCraft Exteriors is always here to help with installing synthetic shake shingles in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO. Contact (314) 786-3732 to talk to a staff member concerning installing a synthetic shake shingle roof on your house. Our goal is to offer expert roofing alongside the highest client service. We strive to make sure you get the best possible roof for your home.