Affordable Single Hung Window Repair

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Single Hung Windows are Easy to Operate and Very Affordable.

Have you ever been window shopping? There are so many window installation solutions to pick from! It might be overwhelming to determine the best installer for your needs. Single hung windows are one of the most traditional window choices for houses, and just one of many choices we stock at ProCraft Exteriors. We provide a variety of window services, including single hung window repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO, in addition to installation and replacement services. Schedule your appointment now by calling our specialists at (314) 786-3732!

What is A Single Hung Window?

It’s likely that you’ve seen a single hung window on more than one occasion, but like most people, you may not have known what it was called. Popular throughout America, these traditional windows utilize two sashes (as many models do). In a single hung window however, only the bottom sash will open and close. This window design continues to be popular because it’s easy to use and incredibly simple to take care of. Cleaning them is painless compared to many other types of windows.

After installation, your single hung windows can easily last anywhere between 30 and 40 years. Wooden frames might need to be replaced after 20 years, depending on how well they age. As with all home improvements, correct installation is the initial step to ensure longevity. Hire a professional and avoid the need for premature repair services later on.

Better Single Hung Windows

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Single Hung Windows Only Have One Moving Sash for Opening and Closing.

The right installation will leave your house brighter, more stylish, and especially comfortable. Don’t leave your window installation to amateurs or shady discount salesmen. Let our expert installation specialists add a new single hung window in your home today If you currently have single hung windows that you love but could use a few repairs, make sure to call our experts at (314) 786-3732!

Our professional installers can supply you with affordable and speedy single hung window repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO and the surrounding areas. If you are planning to upgrade, we also offer double hung window installations, and a variety of other window services too!