Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation

Underside of Roof

Your Soffit Protects the Underside of Your Roof and Vents Excess Heat from Your Home.

Soffit and fascia are the two most commonly forgotten components of your roof. At ProCraft Exteriors, we recognize that homeowner education and access to quality materials will enable homeowners to extend the life of their roofing system. That’s why we’ve outlined some key reasons why your soffit and fascia should be protected. If you find yourself in need of fascia and soffit repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO, give us a call now at (314) 786-3732!

Why Are Soffit and Fascia Important?

Running along the edge of your roof is where you’ll be able to find the fascia, the primary point of attachment for your gutter system. You can find the soffit bridging the roof line and the siding. While fascia fends off any water damage and offers a clean, finishing touch on your roof, your soffit is in place to provide proper ventilation for the attic of your home. Both of these functions are essential to your roof.

Protecting Your Soffit and Fascia

Fascia and Gutter Connection

A Weak Connection to Your Gutter System Will Harm Your Fascia When it Rains.

Guarantee that your roofing system remains in exceptional shape by having regular maintenance checks. Some homeowners may not be aware they actually have the ability to routinely monitor their fascia without having to wait on an expert. In between the soffit and fascia, see if you can identify any areas that might be broken, sagging, or animal-nested. Be certain to clear away any type of debris and keep your gutters cleaned to avoid rotted fascia.

For your soffit, an increased HVAC bill and excessive moisture in the attic are signs that you need a repair. When you suspect troubles with your soffit and fascia, be sure to give us a call. You can depend on the pros at ProCraft Exteriors when you’re in need of effective fascia and soffit repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO. When it comes to high quality repairs and services that won’t break the bank, we’re the company you can depend on. Don’t wait to call us. Dial (314) 786-3732 and ask for a free roof inspection!