Winter’s Bottom Line – Keeping Your Heating Costs Low

Heating Costs

Good Habits and a Little Investment Can Significantly Lower Your Winter Heating Costs.

Does your energy bill always seem to skyrocket during the Winter months? It’s a frustrating trend, but one that you can change. There are numerous opportunities to cut down on your electricity, gas, and general heating costs. Some require investment, and others are simpler.

How Do I Reduce Heating Costs in My Home?

Sometimes, all that stands between you and substantial energy savings is a bad habit. Homeowners are guilty of several energy-wasting habits, but the most expensive one might be the “always on” practice. When your family leaves the house for the afternoon, do you leave the heater running? Are there rooms in the house that go unoccupied during the majority of the day? Both of these scenarios provide opportunities to save. Try installing a programmable thermostat, or simply turn off your HVAC system while you’re gone from the house.

Your potential savings could be enormous!

Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Habits can be difficult to change, but dedication creating a more energy-efficient home takes just as much willpower. Thankfully, there are some simple home improvements you can adopt to improve your home’s energy-efficiency, such as…

  • Stronger Insulation
  • Adjusting the Humidity
  • Having Your Furnace Cleaned

These adjustments are relatively easy to make, and they lead to better home efficiency. Whole home humidifiers, for instance, make your home feel warmer without hiking up the temperature.

If you’re in a position to make the investment, installing a metal roof could also have drastic effects on your home’s energy-efficiency. Metal roofing material provides enhanced insulation, which lets your HVAC system relax it’s energy consumption.

Get Your Quote on Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing doesn’t just offer lower energy costs in the winter. With a reflective metal roof installation, you could enjoy substantial savings all throughout the year. To learn more, give our ProCraft Exteriors team a call at (314) 786-3732. Be sure to ask for an estimate!