Is Roof cleaning necessary?

roof cleaning

Keeping your roof at its best

If you own or manage a commercial building, you have a lot of responsibilities, one being the rooftop of said commercial building. The responsibility is more than getting leaks fixed, repairing or replacing the roofing material, right? You need to keep it clean along with the building itself, the landscaping, and the parking lot. Do you perform your own roof washing, from the ground? Is that getting it clean?

Or do you have an employee climb a ladder, get on the roof and wash it? Do you have the proper roof washing equipment, or are they doing roof cleaning without pressure washing? Our guess at this would be no, to any of these questions. So, why haven’t you hire a professional commercial roof washing company? If your answer is “it’s too expensive” or “no room in the budget,” read on to learn why have it done professionally: 

  1. Performance Improves: To get the most out energy efficiency and maximum useful life, commercial roof washing will keep the surface temperature lower, extending the lifespan of the roof membrane itself and reduce the building’s energy consumption. When you’ve had a white roof installed to reflect the UV rays and heat, it can work effectively when it’s clean, which eases the strain of the HVAC system.  
  2. Moisture Collection Eliminated: The biggest enemy of a commercial or residential roof is moisture. A professional commercial roof washing will keep the things off that roof that keep moisture on it, like debris, leaves, limbs, and other materials. A dirty roof will pond water and then blister, split, and rust – all the things that start leaks.
  3. Fire Hazards Minimized: In some regions of the country, wildfires are a major concern, especially for a building that has combustibles materials inside or around it. A professional commercial roof cleaning will help eliminate the potential of the building becoming a fuel source for a wildfire.
  4. Expose Roof Damage: A professional commercial roof cleaning will allow a roofing expert to inspect your roof and advise you of any possible roof problems. A clean and well-maintained roof will help your facility manager identify potential roof problems and have them addressed before they become a devasting catastrophe. If there is any hail damage or almost invisible punctures, you can be sure an experienced professional roof cleaner will spot them.
  5. Protects Employees Health: Algae and mold are more than just unsightly. They are a danger to everyone’s health too, even your employees. Both algae and mold are pulled into your HVAC system, affecting the air quality inside your building. Once algae have latched on to your building, the integrity of the roof is put at risk, as will your business’ reputation. A commercial roof cleaning will remove the algae and mold and inhibit any future growth. Keep a regular schedule of commercial roof washing for mold and algae.
  6. Keep Building Up to Code: A building that houses any food-related business like a food processing plant, there are certain standards to maintain, number one being a healthy building. A commercial roof cleaning service will keep your roof clean, keep the HVA system clear, and keep your building from taken over by algae and mold.
  7. Regular Roof Cleaning: If your roof hasn’t been cleaned in a while, the first one is going to be a mess! Once all those years of algae, dirt, grime, mold, pollution, residue have been washed off, keeping regularly schedule commercial roof cleaning service will keep it from building up again.
  8. A Clean Roof Is A Great Looking Roof:
  9. First impressions are everything. By getting a professional commercial roof cleaning service, your whole building will look great, and a great looking building will give your customers a great impression of your business!

Why does my roof look dirty?

That dark, tarnished, worn, roof on your building is from a bacterium, Gloecapsa Magma. It blows through the air and wherever it lands, it takes root and keeps growing and spreading other surfaces in the area. A commercial roof cleaning on a regular schedule will get that bacterium removed and keep it from growing and spreading.

How often should you clean your roof?

You already know that roof cleaning is essential to your home, and it is for your business too. You want your business to look clean and welcoming for existing and potential customers. With a regularly scheduled professional commercial roof cleaning service, your business will always look clean and welcoming. Depending on the roof type, your schedule will be along with these guidelines:

  • A Sloped Roof: A sloped roof with asphalt shingles will need commercial roof cleaning on the same schedule as your home, once or twice a year is usually enough.
  • A Flat Roof: If your business has a flat roof, your customers will not see what the roof surface looks like. However, with a cleaning every 6 months, it will keep debris and mold removed, keeping the roofing from cracking and creating a leak. A commercial roof cleaning every 6 months will extend the roof’s lifespan.
  • The Climate: Depending on what part of the country you are in, the climate can pay havoc on your building’s roof. Hot, humid, rainy climate or hailstorms, heavy rain, and high winds can beat your roof up, making your whole business look aged, tired, and worn. With a regularly scheduled commercial roof cleaning, any climate or weather damage can be found and repaired before it creates a bigger problem.

What chemicals are used to clean roofs?

Professional commercial roof cleaning contractors typically use sodium hypochlorite, aka chlorine bleach, trisodium, and other chemicals mixed in high concentrations. They spray it on the roof allowed to dry, then re-apply.

Is bleach safe for roofs?

Commercial roof cleaning can be done with sodium percarbonate solution or bleach in simple terms when mixed in amounts with other cleaning products. However, it can be mixed to strong and damaged the roof or not mixed strong enough, and the cleaning efforts were a waste of time. The best way to get the roof of your commercial building clean is to call a commercial roof cleaning service. They will have the proper equipment and products, and the experience and knowledge to get the job done right, and you’ll have a guarantee.

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How do you mix a roof cleaner?

If you purchase a product through a big box store, following the directions step-by-step is the best thing you can do.   If you want to make your own commercial roof cleaning product, mix 40% SH with 60% water and add a commercial-grade surfactant. Keep in mind, a professional commercial roof cleaning service, they will have a product already mixed that will give your commercial building the cleanest roof in the neighborhood.

As a business owner or a business maintenance manager, you have better and bigger things to do with your time. Why spend it cleaning the roof when you can hire a professional, commercial roof cleaning service to do the job for you. For your roof cleaning in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO, call (314) 786-3732.