Do you really need gutters?

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Making Your Roof Long-Lasting and Reliable

Having you been considering removing the gutters from your home? While gutters can sometimes seem like an eyesore, they actually do serve a very important purpose for your home. They are designed to help protect your roof, and your foundation, from water damage. That’s because gutters help to move water away from your home so it can’t pond or pool, which can result in significant water damage. Regular maintenance like gutter cleaning and gutter repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO is the best way to ensure your home is always in good condition. For that, rely on ProCraft Exteriors. We can repair your gutters and make sure your roof, foundation, and home are in the best shape possible. Call us at (314) 786-3732 to get started.

Installing Gutter Covers as Part of Gutter Repair

Gutters for Houses and Why You Need Them

What is the actual purpose of gutters? More often than not, homeowners find more of an eyesore than a functional tool. But that may be because they don’t know the real reason gutters are installed on homes. Gutters are installed to help adequately drain water away from your roof and your foundation. They are installed onto the fascia, which is often punctured to help provide ventilation. You need gutters to help prevent water and condensation buildup on your roof. When water cannot properly be drained it ponds, which means that it pools up in one area. On a roof, that can result in material deterioration, leaks and more.If you are considering gutters vs no gutters, we would highly recommend gutters. With regular maintenance, they can continuously look great while also helping to protect your home. This can be incredibly beneficial when water is pooling in your yard. You can better identify the need for plumbing pump repair instead of wasting time trying to figure out if it’s because of your roof or sump pump.

Types of Gutters

There are several types of materials and styles of gutters that you can choose for your home. You can even consider gutters with metal roofing. The style and material you choose will be dependent on your budget and your needs. 

Gutter styles

  • Seamless: Seamless gutters are what they sound like. They are manufactured and installed as one, seamless system along your roof. The only seams that may exist are at downspout junctions, which can help prevent blocks and clogs. 
  • Sectional: Sectional gutters are what are typically installed on most homes today. These gutters are manufactured and installed in sections, which means that there are several seams along your roofing structure. 

Gutter materials

  • Vinyl: One of the most commonly used materials for gutters is vinyl. It is inexpensive to manufacture and install. More than that, it’s a tried and true material that will last a long time when well maintained. 
  • Aluminum: A popular option for gutters is actually aluminum. It is an incredibly long lasting and durable. Gutters made from this material are often zinc-coated which makes them resistant to corrosion.
  • Steel: Probably the most durable gutter material on the market is steel. While it is the most durable, steel is also the heaviest option. If you are considering steel gutters, they are a good investment. 
  • Gutter Covers: If whole new gutters are not something you are willing or able to afford, gutter covers are a great option as well. They can provide added protection for your gutters without the need for overspending.

Any gutter material needs regular maintenance in order to be completely functional. Relying on experienced roofers when you need gutter repair is the best way to ensure your gutters and your roof are well-maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which type of gutter is best?
    • It will honestly depend on what your needs are. Generally speaking, however, vinyl and aluminum manufactured gutters are considered two of the better options for homes. 
  • How often should you replace gutters?
    • Most gutters can and should last you about 20 years, so replacement should happen around every 18-20 years. But, gutters can last even longer than that with regular and proper care. 
  • What happens to a house without gutters?
    • You run the risk of water getting under your shingles and siding. When that happens, serious water damage can occur. On top of that, water can pool too close to your foundation, which can also result in serious damage. 
  • How long do gutters last on a house?
    • Generally speaking, gutters can last about 20 years. Aluminum gutters can probably last you a little longer while vinyl gutters will last closer to 18-20 years. That in mind, your gutters can last longer than the expected life-span with regular maintenance. 
  • Do roofers fix gutters? 
    • Not all roofers fix gutters, but ProCraft Exteriors contractors do. Depending on what is needed first, our contractors can work on the gutters first or we can work on your roof. But ProCraft Exteriors contractors can do both.
Gutter Repair on Residential Roof

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