Do roofers repair skylights?

open skylight

Wait a minute, can a skylight be repaired?

A skylight can give a room a completely different look, adding a dimension and bring in natural light. However, when there is damage to the roof from storms, a skylight is typically damaged as well. So, you’re left not only with roof repair, but skylight repair too, and fortunately, both can be accomplished with an experienced roofing contractor. 

With a skylight, you get more natural light, and your comfort and privacy aren’t compromised. When a skylight begins to leak though, how do you know that you need just  Skylight repair or replacement going to be required? Just how complicated and expensive is a skylight repair? 

Well, before you go into a panic and decide to have the skylight permanently covered up or removed, have an experienced roofing contractor inspect it first.  A roofing contractor that is experienced in skylight repair and installation will be able to give you advise and an estimate, even help you decide if permanently covering it up or removing it an option. 

A skylight that has a continuous leak usually indicates a damaged skylight. A skylight that has  condensation building up on the inside can  be results from the room, like a bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes, it can be an indication that skylight repair is needed. Some possible issues that cause a skylight to leak and require skylight glass repair:

  • Flashing Damage: Your chimney, exhaust pipes and skylight have metal flashing around them to prevent them from leaking. Because it exposed to the elements continuously, it can weaken and allow leaks. A professional roofing contractor with skylight experience can replace or repair skylight flashing and inspect the entire roof while up there. If the skylight flashing is corroded and worn, most likely flashing in other areas is too. 
  • Roofing Cement: A skylight that was installed and secured with roofing cement will likely begin to leak as the cement ages and cracks over time. Usually, there are tiny holes in the roofing cement and the skylight repair to stop the leak can removing the aged and cracked roof cement and applying new roofing cement. 
  • Poor Installation: Not all roofing contractors are experienced in installing a skylight or will take short cuts to stay under budget and on time. This often ends up with a leaking skylight, but that isn’t anything that a qualified roofing contractor can’t fix. The contractor will inspect the skylight and roofing around it, and will advise if skylight repair is possible, or possibly the only option is to replace the  skylight entirely.      

How do you repair a leaking skylight?

What appears to be a skylight leak may not be a leak, but condensation formed on the inside of the skylight. This is common during the winter or if the skylight is in the bathroom or kitchen where moisture is common. 

If you have confirmed the skylight does have a leak, you’ll need to clean the skylight from the rooftop. Remove any debris and limbs so that you can examine the skylight’s exterior and the flashing around it. If you don’t find anything obvious, use a water hose and run water over and all around the skylight to duplicate the possible leak. Once you have found the leak, you can do repairs yourself using one of these options: 

  • Reattach the flashing or seal up gaps and holes with roofing cement.
  • Apply silicone caulking around the skylight lens.
  • Replace the metal flashing.

If these don’t stop the leak, you’ll need to contact a professional roofing contractor that has skylight experience. 

How do you cover a broken skylight?

Missouri is in Tornado Alley, where severe weather is common during the spring and early summer. When you know that extreme weather is coming, you can protect your skylight by covering it with a blanket, boards, or a tarp. This will keep hail from directly hitting the skylight glass and minimize the possibility of needing skylight repair or replacement.

If you don’t have the opportunity to take preventive measures and your skylight is broken or damaged during a storm, you should have a professional roofing contractor inspect the skylight and roof. While waiting for the contractor, you can cover the skylight with a plastic tarp and use 2×4 boards to hold the tarp in place on top of the roof.  Once the repairs are made, have the contractor install a protective film that will protect the skylight going forward. 

Skylights in a room

Is A Skylight Worth Installing? 

Newer homes often have a skylight installed during construction, but an existing older home can have a skylight too.  Get several quotes from roofing contractors that are experienced with skylight installation, remember the best isn’t necessarily the most expensive and the cheapest quote, you may get what you pay for.  

So, with all the information we’ve provided here, you may wonder if a skylight is worthwhile. A common question is what is the life expectancy of a skylight? The typical lifespan of a skylight is around eight years. A skylight that was professional installed by an experienced contractor and is made of high quality glass can give you up to fifteen years of enjoyment. Need skylight repair in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO? Call (314) 786-3732 today!