Installation for Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing

UV Rays Try to Heat Up Your Building, but Reflective Roofing Blocks Them.

If you’re interested in a way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building, consider installing a cool roof. Traditional roof materials soak up a great deal of the UV rays from the sun. Once the roof absorbs the heat, it passes it onto the interior of the building underneath. Cool roof materials are made to reflect the ultraviolet rays away from your building, rather than absorbing them. With such strong reflectivity, cool roof products can lower the temperature of your roof, which will lower the inside temperature of your building and significantly minimize your heating and cooling costs. For more information concerning cool roof installation in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO, contact ProCraft Exteriors at (314) 786-3732. We install a wide variety of cool roof products and are always ready to help you in selecting the one that is right for your roofing requirements.

Cool Roof Services You Can Depend on

There are several benefits in addition to energy savings that can come from installing a cool roof system. A cool roof doesn’t need to be repaired as often as other roof materials, which means it can save you money on roofing services. The ultraviolet rays from the sun easily damage other roofing products. Over time, this would normally break down the material force you to have your roof replaced. You can also boost the reflectivity of your roof with certain coatings.

A cool roof system can also extend the lifespan of your cooling units. Purchasing a cool roof lowers the climate of your building, which means your cooling system will not need to work as hard to keep the building at a pleasant temperature. This means they won’t wear down as often and you can save money on cooling system replacements. Finally, cool roofing helps the environment by reducing the emissions given off by commercial AC units.

Dependable Cool Roofing Services You Can Rely On

Cool Roofing

Many Metals and Other Reflective Materials Provide “Cool Roofing” When They Reflect Light.

ProCraft Exteriors is always prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of a cool roof installation in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO. Set up your cool roofing installation by contacting our staff at (314) 786-3732. We only work with the best roofing manufacturers to make certain our customers have the most dependable cool roof products on the market. Our staff has decades of commercial roof installation experience, so you can rest assured that the roof we install for you will last. Be sure to ask about our green roofing systems as well!