Commercial Roof Replacements

Commercial Roof Replacement

Whatever Size or Scale of Your Roof Replacement, You can be Confident in Our Experienced Crew.

An enterprise cannot survive without a commercial roofing system that continues in excellent condition. Commercial roofs that deteriorate or break down make a structure vulnerable to water damage and other issues. Different kinds of roofing systems possess various approximate lifespans. If your roof has started to approach its estimated life, the opportunity has arrived to think about replacement. Roofing system replacement and installation is one of our signature services at ProCraft Exteriors. In fact, for the community experts in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO for commercial roof replacement, look no farther than our team. Call our team today at (314) 786-3732 to arrange installation or converse with one of our roofing team.

When To Replace Your Commercial Roofing

In an effort to keep our clients from replacing their roofs before they definitely have to, we always conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that replacement is the last or ideal option. In some situations, aging roofs can be repaired with a roof coating instead of replacement, though that varies according to the condition of your existing roof, as well as the structure of the commercial building.

At ProCraft Exteriors, our team of experts is trained to examine a roofing system and identify red flags that qualify a building for roof replacement. A commercial roof system displays signs that it is time to replace in several different ways. Some of the most common include leaks, missing pieces, and big cracks. If your roofing is displaying any of these issues or anything else out of the ordinary, contact us about our commercial roof replacement options.

Dependable Commercial Roofing Replacement Experts

PVC, TPO, EPDM, and additional roofing system alternatives fall within our team’s replacement expertise. ProCraft Exteriors and its team of experts is ready to help, regardless of your roof’s size, age, or design. We appreciate that absolutely nothing should disrupt the tide of business, and work hard to make our replacement installation as fast and painless as possible. Our expert, insured technicians encourage a safe, non-disruptive work site, and we place an extreme emphasis on client service. For assistance for commercial roof replacement in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO, we’re available anytime anytime at (314) 786-3732.