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Is it time to take off your commercial building’s old roof system, and replace it with a newer and more durable roofing system? Among all of the roof types on the market, commercial metal roofs are some of the most reliable and resilient. With so many kinds of commercial metal roofing in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO to pick from, make sure to contact our experts at (314) 786-3732 to learn more! We utilize only the highest quality of supplies here at ProCraft Exteriors, and we can help you with nearly any type of commercial roofing project.

Commercial Metal Roof Systems

So what precisely makes commercial metal roofing so efficient as a roof option? One huge property that roofers love about metal roofing, is that it requires minimal maintenance for the duration its lifespan. Also, you can rely on these roofing materials to stand against fires, extreme weather, and more! This resiliency sometimes encourages insurance companies to offer lowered rates as an incentive. As an energy efficient roof material, many cities choose to reward businesses for installing metal with certain tax breaks. Better energy efficiency additionally provides good news for any appliances inside your structure, since they don’t have to work as hard to keep steady temperatures inside! An additional customer benefit is how rarely commercial metal roof repair services are needed, thanks to the durability of the materials. When correctly taken care of, a commercial roof system can endure longer than five decades.

  • Aluminum Roofing Our top-quality aluminum roofing is resistant to corrosion, and exceptionally lightweight, which means installation will not require additional roofing reinforcement.
  • Corrugated Metal Corrugated metal roofs are frequently utilized for industrial and agricultural roof systems, but can also be utilized for shopping centers and office buildings.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Standing seam metal roof installations are reliable, stylish, and impressively resilient throughout their lifetime.
  • Steel Roofing Steel roofing is one of the most durable roofing options on the market, and if galvanized, it has a significantly longer lifespan.

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As far as commercial roofing is concerned, metal roofs are some of the best solutions in the industry! While they do cost slightly more to first install, the savings and value during the lifetime of the roof offer an unbeatable return on your investment. If a metal roof installation might be the ideal solution for your commercial structure, call (314) 786-3732 to request a quote, or to set up service. When you need commercial metal roofing in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO or the nearby areas, you can rely on our trained and experienced professionals. We can assist you with each type of metal roofing, from corrugated metal to standing seam and everything in between!