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Cool Ways You Can Utilize Your Flat Commercial Roof

A Green Roof Is A Beautiful Way To Utilize Your Flat Roof Space

While flat roofs are the most common roofing system for commercial buildings, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or only have one purpose! Flat roofs are great for being able to stand on and great for storage. If your commercial flat roof is just a plain shade of white right now, here are some fun, beneficial, and money-saving ways to get the most out of your roof!

Rooftop Deck and Patio

Rooftop decks are great options for commercial businesses that have a nice view or a casual atmosphere, like a lounge, bar, or restaurant. You could even have a dance floor! Letting customers sit on the roof and enjoy the fresh air will surely get rave reviews and attract more potential customers, quickly paying off the cost of rooftop deck installation. Similar to a rooftop deck, a rooftop patio is covered. The patio can provide shade or shelter from the sun and weather, protecting customers and property.

Green Roof

There are two types of green roofs: the environment one with plants growing on the roof, and the energy efficient one with the sun reflecting off the roofing to lower temperatures. Both actually help to cool the building and help the environment. While a roof covered in plants may be more aesthetically pleasing, if you don’t have a green thumb or are not fond of creatures like birds, squirrels, and insects frequently loitering around your property, then you might want to get the reflective roof. The reflective type of green roof is also called a cool roof, because it literally lowers the temperature of the building, which lowers your energy bill prices.

If any of these flat roof options sound beneficial to your business, call ProCraft Exteriors in Chesterfield and St. Louis, MO at (314) 786-3732 today.

Planning Your Roof Replacement Effectively

If your home is about to receive a roof replacement, chances are, the business side of your replacement is complete. You have hired your roofing company, discussed your options with your insurance provider, and chosen your new roof material. However, most homeowners don’t prepare for the upcoming interruption to their daily lives. These roof replacement tips can help ease the inconvenience of roof replacement at your home and provide a calmer, more relaxed roof replacement experience.

We Can Help Ensure Your Roof Replacement is as Hassle-Free as Possible.

Leaving is Best, But at Least Have a Plan

When your home is being re-roofed, it can cause large amounts of noise, not to mention debris, falling materials, and other hazards. While we recommend leaving for the days that your roof is being worked on, we know that sometimes, it’s simply not possible. When you can’t take a day trip, remember to set up child and pet areas prior to work beginning. Keep both in safe zones that are not near the areas where men are working and can fall or collapse through, hurting someone. Prearrange snacks, games, or movies to relieve noise stress and tension.

Protect Your Things

Roofing is a messy job. Many times, debris and dust can enter through your vents and openings, causing your belongings to become covered. Protect your things by using drapes or drop cloths to cover them before the roof mess starts.

Read Your Contract

Read through your contract carefully, looking for accident coverage, liability issues, and other accidental hazards that may come into play. If a roofer collapses through your bedroom ceiling, you don’t want to be stuck footing the bill. Make sure all repairs are covered in your contract.

While roof replacement is a long, drawn-out process, correct planning can help ease the stress and pressure of the situation. For more roof replacement tips or to find out about yo9ur replacement options, call the ProCraft Exteriors team at (314) 786-3732.

Roof Inspections: Good or Evil?

Shingle Damage

Use a Free Inspection to Find Problems and Maintain the Health of Your Roof.

Many homeowners are afraid of getting roof inspections. It sounds funny, but people will often avoid basic rooftop maintenance because they fear a massive repair bill will pop out of nowhere. The truth is roof inspections aren’t evil; they actually help homeowners save money. Here’s how.

Inspection Perk #1: Free Service

Inspections are commonly offered for free. Not only are professional roofing companies happy to provide inspections, many are willing to offer them for free (without obligations). For zero dollars, you can have an experienced roofing specialist drive out to your home and check on your rooftop. Bet you wish your doctor gave you free inspections!

Inspection Perk #2: Damage Prevention

Most inspections uncover problems before they cause damage. Do you know how to spot every sign of a potential water leak? Your experienced roofer does, and they can help you make a tiny repair that protects your home from internal water damage. That’s just a simple water leak; there are dozens of potential roofing hazards that start out small but eventually create expensive damage. Some problems, if undiscovered, result in your home needing a complete roof replacement. That’s thousands of dollars a quick inspection could have saved.

Inspection Perk #3: Budget Planning

Inspections help your family plan ahead. Many homeowners don’t think about rooftop replacement until after they need repairs. With an inspection however, your family can begin planning and saving for roof replacement years in advance. Your inspector can also recommend new energy-efficient or hail-resistant materials to help you increase the value of your home.

You don’t have to worry about the condition of your roof. Get a free inspection, plus a little peace of mind. For more information about maintaining your rooftop, or to schedule an inspection from ProCraft Exteriors, you can give us a call at(314) 786-3732!